Norbert Wehner is many Artists


Daisy Buttercup

Born 1995 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied graphic design after training as a gardener. She lives in Delft with her 2 cats “Tulip” and “Daffodil” and works as a graphic designer. She is inspired by the art of flower arrangement and sees her work as a contemporary take on 17th-century Dutch flower painting.

László Land

Born 1959 in a small town in Hungary. He became a watchmaker when only 15 years old and lives and works now in Budapest repairing historic clocks and watches. Since 1987, after the opening of the Eastern European countries, he has traveled widely. His works are more traditional and representational, partly inspired by late 19th-century landscape paintings. He likes to work digitally since 2013, especially when traveling.

Rose Patton

Born 1995 in Manchester, U.K. After an apprenticeship as a tailor, she studied textile design in Glasgow. She currently works as a designer for a textile manufacturer and a wallpaper production company. She is inspired by abstract painting and folk art.

Ziggy Strokes

Born 1974 north of San Francisco, U.S.A. His parents lived a more alternative lifestyle and belonged to the generation that moved back to the land in California in the mountains of Big Sur. He eventually became a yoga instructor and healer and continues to live in California. One of his first paintings was on a back of a turtle. Some paintings are inspired by psychedelic trips. He lives off the grid in a house that his parents built and later expanded. He works digitally with his solar-powered tablet since 2013.

Fernando Futura

Born 1997 near Barcelona, Spain. He lives and works in a bank in Barcelona and is since childhood a big fan of sci-fi movies and sci-fi novels. His special interest is imaginary landscapes on alien planets.

Hugo Whitehead

Born 1964 in Nottingham, U.K., and lives today in Kyoto, Japan. He studied graphic design in England and works now as a travel writer and does illustrations for his own books and others. His work is eclectic and draws on a wide range of influences and interests but is mostly representational. He is painting digitally since 2013.

Peter Perfekt

Born 1983 in Dortmund, Germany, and lives now in Berlin. He studied photography at the Folkwang University of Art in Essen but was always drawing since he was a child. His work in advertising and portrait photography brought him in contact with digital painting. Among other sources, he was inspired by the net paintings of Kusama. Since 2019 he creates his own version of net paintings often based on his own photos and other sources. Recently, he has become interested in jewelry design.

Arturo Prospero

Born 1987 near Torino, Italy. After his engineering studies, he became a technician in plastics processing. He lives and works in Torino for a garden furniture manufacturer. He has an extensive collection of plastic dolls and plastic fetish objects. He has a pet snake called “Lucifer”. He paints digitally only since 2020

Berta Brutal

Born 1970 in Lille, France, and lives now in Marseille. She studied social science and politics and works today as a social worker. She has a cat named “Angry” and a dog called “Wimp”. She is a radical feminist and political activist with a wicked sense of humor and is very upfront and confrontational. Digital painting is just one of her many activities.

Monika Muller

Monika Muller was born in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in 1980.
She studied graphic design at a university in New Mexico. Her Masters Thesis is titled: The Importance of Symetery in Advertising. She work in advertising in Phoenix, AZ.

She is married to Albert, who works from home, which allows her to travel as well as devote much time to her own art work. Their twin children are named Sunshine and Moonlight.

They are also the proud parents of two dogs:War and Peace.

Zamora Zilverbell

Zamora Zilverbell was born in 1987 in Kazan. She moved to Israel with her parents when she was three years old.

She studied Geosciences at an Israeli university and works there today as an assistant professor.

She loves to create art when she is travelling, and has an interest in Land Art.
Her family at the moment consists of her Tomcat Beryl

Norbert Wehner

Born 1954 in Düsseldorf, Germany, he lives now in southwest France. He started drawing by copying Paul Klee, Juan Gris, and other modern artists at the age of 12 and took courses with a local artist in life drawing. After finishing an apprenticeship at the headquarters of a large corporation, he was accepted to the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 16. He left the academy with the equivalent of a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1979 and started a record company with a group of musicians and an artist. At the age of 32 he left the music industry and studied landscape architecture. While still studying, he started his own landscape architecture office. He designed gardens, mostly for private clients, for over 20 years. In the meantime, he kept making drawings in pastel, ink and other mediums. Since 2012, after discovering the iPad, he only paints digitally. While his works vary considerably and cover a wide range of styles and subjects, he decided to create a number of different personas, each with a distinct style and an imagined biography, that seem to match each artist’s personality. He presents his work under the title “Norbert Wehner is Many Artists” with 11 different pseudonyms. There may be more to come in the future.